Bergman Broom

2014 rocks right in with Berg's brand new 4-song EP, Home Sweet Motel Vol. 1. Next up is, you guessed it: Volume 2, in addition to the daunting archival prep-work for a 150-song Anthology Box Set, Song No One Else Likes, if we can gun down grants with which to sandbag against those tidal waves of banality, prior to the next ice age. Bergman has also created reams of one-punch cartoons for a different book (and movie), completed a CD of 60s revisits called"summer burned winter blown" with The Shakes (see: Shakes).... all while currently busy writing his somewhat prematurely-explosive Memoir novel with p/t working title, Sex & the Single Songwriter.

Our beloved Bergman has performed for 30+ years without a hairnet, opening shows as entr'acte for Graham Nash, Suzanne Vega, The Roches, Gilberto Gil, Rick Danko (The Band) and one of James Taylor's lil brothers. He also played during irregular periods at the cramped but legendary Speakeasy Cafe in New York City's West Village. Eventually Bergman affronted The Oh So Sensitive Sidemen, a 6-to-7-odds combo which delivered in paranormal doses of acerbic literary compositions, and remains one of Central New York's most insouciant pop groups. His past solo and band recordings have included the out-of-print Sextuplets, Starcheye Coatman Sessions, Quarrel With The Universe and Crevices. Try and find them. Still largely available however is his magma opus, kids' record 9 Dinosaur Songs.

History, you ask? Sure. Here goes....

Narrowly escaping from a garret of bickering television addicts during unpaid sick days in a Brooklyn brownstone, Mr. Broom's musical sensibility was at first baptized there and transformed by the dark bars of a small university town in Western N.Y. After one long dizzy spell, it later moved eastwards to Syracuse. He lived there for a time with unremitting girlfriends and their cats. There Berg also sang tenor parts in pop groups such as The Beverages Vocal Trio. Over the next 10 or 20 years he penned his breadthy musical ouvre all while alternately working a string of torpid day jobs and selling records. At some point he set about to mismanage the inheritance left under his dad's mattress, all while steering clear of - as Paul Newman once invoked - the 'sinkholes and rainbarrels of marriage.' In the year 2000, he was invited to be interviewed and perform in the Los Angeles documentary on the ukulele Uketopia, an indie movie that just couldn't.

Then came 2003, with Bergman's big move to Seattle WA. and the prompt gaining of weight as CEO (Chief Executive Oreganato) at the now-defunct Sicilian Kosher Baking Company in Rainier Valley. Berg would drive about King County in his off-white van demonstrating cinnamon babka and was not seldom rewarded with boots being placed upon one or both axles. All the while he played shows and wrote songs, taking two long years off to travel and tour clubs / cafes around the perimeter (1/2 b x h) of the U.S. In the company of canine wunderkind and part-time pooka Lovely Rita, he often stayed with no longer lifelong friends and even did house-sitting inside of some.

Released in 2009 was the ethereal"Out Of The Dusk To You" recorded in Franklin, TN. at pop composer Kurt Eger's studio, containing a set of raw takes of under-the-counter solo tenor songs with ukulele from 1910s & 1920s. Our hero then did a triple lutz, stealthily sandwiching himself into the icy world of academics in 2008 by attending to a Community College. Objective was to attain an enlightened-male babysitting degree, but instead Bergman wound up skinny-dipping in the quicksand of the priggish IT World against a deep-seated Artistic Imperative. He chose the latter, following his heart. Maybe not the best decision looking back, but what is. In recovery from god's tiny jokes as such, Bergman likes to invoke "....just as long as it's different!"....which he admittedly pinched from a coffee-bean-can painter in Central New York.

D. Bergman was last seen listening to Fred Waring over his Tripod, peeling down unabandoned railroad ties with Lovely Rita, carrying a carton of demo masters, a long-delayed BA diploma tucked under his coat, and what looked like a myopic 7-foot rabbit tailing close behind. When sufficiently goaded for comment, he shot back: "I'm looking forward to spending my future years in my projection room with a late wife"

(copyright 2014, Bergman Broom)