Bubble Tree Algorithm series

software art by Jeffrey Ventrella [from mind to code to form]
All images rendered at 6000x6000 pixel resolution = 20x20 inches at 300dpi. Artwork available as prints (sizes 10x10" or 20x20" with margins) on archival paper. Matting/framing optional. For inquiries, contact: jeffreyventrella@gmail.com




photo by Natasha Juliana
I have always had a passion for natural pattern and biological form. For most of my life I have dedicated myself to discovering fundamental mathematical patterns and algorithmic process in nature. I see these processes as the basis for all emergent complex form in the world, including ourselves.

In uncovering the underlying algorithms of nature - studying evolution and the philosophy of emergence - I am attempting to refine my voice as an artist. At the same time, I have formed a genetic perspective of organic form, and the beautiful embryology that brings it into existence.

There is no clear or obvious distinction between genes and environment. The Byzantine dance defies scientific reductionism. Similarly, my evolving code cannot be easily separated from my unconscious artistic process. Software is an artist's medium; but it is also a cognitive technology.

My artistic process is enriched as I feed the soil in my garden with compost (literally and metaphorically). The soil continually brings forth amazing botanical wonders. They have an intelligence all their own. Like the plants in my garden, I cannot claim to be the sole creator of these forms - and that gives me a kind of freedom, a continual source of surprise.



















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copyright (c) 2017, Jeffrey Ventrella