Organic Algorithm Series

[from mind to code to form] Software art by Jeffrey Ventrella
All images rendered at 12000x12000 pixel resolution = 40x40 inches at 300dpi. Artwork available as prints of any size up to 42" per side, on archival paper, canvas, or metal. Matting/framing optional. For inquiries, contact:




photo by Natasha Juliana
I have always had a passion for natural pattern and biological form. For much of my life I have been dedicated to discovering fundamental mathematical representations and algorithmic process in nature. I see these processes as the basis for all emergent complex form in the world - including ourselves.

Interpreting the underlying algorithms of nature - studying evolution and the science of emergence - I am continually refining my voice as an artist.

All living form is determined by both genes and environment. It's a Byzantine tangle with no clear origin. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Answer: chickens were invented by eggs as a way to make more eggs. My evolving software code cannot be easily separated from my artistic process. Software is an artist's medium. It is also a cognitive technology. It can grow at night when I'm half-awake.

This artistic process is enriched as I feed the soil in my garden with compost. The soil continually rewards me with amazing botanical wonders. My software is like soil. I have been feeding it compost from my mind for over twenty-five years. I am now exposing the detailed expressions that grow from this soil - in high resolution.



















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copyright (c) 2018, Jeffrey Ventrella