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Gravity Tetris

In 2005, I created a Java applet that imitates the Tetris game, using gravity. Here is an updated JavaScript version. It's an experiment, and so it is not fully-implemented. Give it a try. It's a twist on the classic game mechanic of tetrominos falling into place. (In this case, they actually "fall" :) Your job is help them fall so they fill all the empty spaces.

How does it work?

When a tetromino falls and settles to the bottom, it starts to "freeze up", and eventially becomes frozen, and immovable. Before a tetromino freezes up you can grab it and nudge it into a better place. It takes some practice to learn how to rotate tetrominos. Each tetromino has different rotational properties.

Unlike classic Tetris, in which there is minimal hand dexterity required, Gravity Tetris requires you to learn tricks in rotating and dropping tetrominos into place.

It's good to learn which of the four squares of the tetromino to grab in order to drop it into place. As a start: try just grabbing the square that you know you want to fit into a specific slot, and use that as the handle for slipping it into place.

It is possible to drag a tetromino into a hole that was left over from an incomplete fill. This is something that is not possible with classic Tetris.

Try not to overlap tetrominos. And remember one thing: go with the flow of gravity - it can do most of the work if you let it.

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