Gravity Tetris
Catch a Falling Piece and Drop it into Place


Gravity Tetris Tetris is one of the most satisfying games ever made. Strange, isn't it? Addicting too. I love it when I get a piece oriented just right, and then watch it march down and pop into place, snug as a bug in a rug.

Have you ever thought how hard and frustrating it would be if these pieces fell any old which way? Like, if they just fell spinning, and tumbled around chaotically? Well, here's your chance to be frustrated!

Actually, I'm kinda kidding. If you like simulated physics, you might like this spin on the Tetris theme. These pieces come tumbling in, and land on top of each other, bouncing unpredicably. It's YOUR JOB to grab them and hold them just right so that they fall into place.

This is an exploration. It is not meant for commercial purposes, nor is it meant to undermine or compete with the Tetris Company or the official Tetris games developed by Purple Moon. All trademark, copyright, and intellectual property or Tetris, as first programmed by Alexey Pajitnov and Dmitry Pavlovsky, and owned by the Tetris Company, are respected and duly admired, with the utmost intense and gushing praise. All inquiries or requests for new physically-based tetris games should be directed to the Tetris Company or Purple Moon. Tell them they should throw lots of money at me, and I'll make a really cool Gravity Tetris for them that runs on Windows, Mac, and Java!

interactive concept, 2D physics algorithm, and software design by Jeffrey Ventrella, 2005