Algorithmic Art and Interactive Playthings
by Jeffrey Ventrella
Bunny Tree
A fractal curve of dimension 1.8927, which I created in
honor of Benoit Mandelbrot, who died on October 14, 2010

...inspired by Benoit's Monkeys Tree

fractal dimension 1.8687

MandelTweaks! The Complex Plane where the Mandelbrot Set lives is a vast mathematical fabric, where everything spins. It supplies an infinity of organic forms, not just in terms of fractal scaling, but in terms of genetic diversity. YouTube video

Portraits The Mandelbrot Set is an organism whose cells divide many times in order to resolve into such an intricate and organic form. The Mandelbrot function is embellished with genetic tweakers, and piped through a genetic algorithm to evolve images that approach the pixel values of a photo of my face.

my face
Breeding ABSOLUT Vodka Bottle Images
Evolving Absolut Bottles

Branchy Branch Branchy Branch
branchy branch 1 branchy branch 2 branchy branch 3 branchy branch 4 branchy branch 5 branchy branch 6 branchy branch 7 branchy branch 8 branchy branch 9 branchy branch 10
Bubbles Fractals November Colormap

Early Fractal Art
fracball pentagrams blobs spheres spheres II crinkle doily
Older images grown using self-avoiding algorithms and mathematical equations
tree 1 tree 2 Math Art 1 Math Art 2 Math Art 3 Math Art 3

texture 2 texture 1 Space-filling fractal curves (see Mandelbrot's book). When curvily filling the space, the (thick) lines also change their colors, using the same recursive algorithm as that which determines the geometry of the curves. The result is chaotic tapestry. Space Yam A still from "Space Yam", an early computer animation programmed on a Commodore 64 computer and filmed with a super 8 camera