author Jeffrey Ventrella

The Family Tree
of Fractal Curves

A taxonomy of plane-filling curves using complex integer lattices
Brainfilling Curves
(A Fractal Bestiary)

Hundreds of color images, strange specimens, and intuitive explanations of Koch construction
Virtual Body Language

The History and Future of Avatars: How Nonverbal Expression is Evolving on the Internet
Divisor Drips and
Square Root Waves

Prime Numbers are the Holes in Complex Composite Number Patterns

Papers, chapters, articles, etc. by Jeffrey Ventrella

Composite Number Polyrhythms
(Animating and Sonifying the Divisor Plot) Proceedings of Bridges 2022: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Culture
Designing Fractal Curves with Five-Fold Rotational Symmetry
(Using the Complex Number Golden Ratio) Proceedings of Bridges 2021: Mathematics, Art, Music, Architecture, Culture
Is John Conway in Heaven with the Surreal Numbers?
The passing of a genius who saw infinity raises questions about the nature of mathematics
Psychedelics and the Case Against Reality
Three books inspired this essay: The Case Against Reality, Food of the Gods, and How to Change your Mind.
Embodied AI Characters for Emergent Narrative
from OurMedia Blog
Virtual Gaze
(The communicative energy between avatar faces) Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds: Understanding and Designing Expressive Characters
Avatar puppeteering
(direct manipulation of avatar joints for spontaneous body language) Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds: Understanding and Designing Expressive Characters
A Spherical XOR Gate Implemented in the Game of Life
Published in Game of Life Cellular Automata, by Springer. Editor: Andrew Adamatzky.
The Gestural Turing Test
Published in the conference proceedings of AAMAS Workshop on Interacting with ECAs as Virtual Characters
Self-Portraits with Mandelbrot Genetics
Published by Springer in the conference proceedings of Smart Graphics, 2010.
(described here).
Glider Dynamics on the Sphere: Exploring Cellular Automata on Geodesic Grids
Published in the Journal of Cellular Automata, Old City Publishing. Editor in Chief: Andrew Adamatzky
Read the abstract HERE)
Evolving the Mandelbrot Set to Imitate Figurative Art
Published in Design by Evolution. Editors: Hingston, Philip F.; Barone, Luigi C.; Zbigniew, Michalewicz. Springer
(read about it in
Evolving Structure in Liquid Music
Published in The Art of Artificial Evolution editors: Penousal Machado and Juan Romero. Springer
(play with it: Musical Gene Pool)
Gliders and Riders
(A Particle Swarm Selects for Coherent Space-Time Structures in Evolving Cellular Automata)
published in Stigmergic Optimization. Editors: Grosan and Abraham. Springer
A Particle Swarm Selects for Evolution of Gliders in Non-Uniform 2D Cellular Automata
Published in Alife X Proceedings, MIT Press
Gene Pool: Exploring the Interaction Between Natural Selection and Sexual Selection
published in Artificial Life Models in Software, edited by Andrew Adamatzky and Maciej Komosinski, Springer, 2005
Avatar Physics and Genetics
published in Virtual Worlds. Edited by Heudin, J.C. Springer.
Designing Emergence in Animated Artificial Life Worlds
published in Virtual Worlds - Synthetic Universes, Digital Life and Complexity
edited by Jean-Claude Heudin. Perseus Books
Attractiveness vs. Efficiency - How Mate Preference Affects Locomotion in the Evolution of Artificial Swimming Organisms
Published in Artificial Life VI Proceedings, MIT Press.
Sexual Swimmers - Emergent Morphology and Locomotion without a Fitness Function
Published in From Animals to Animats. MIT Press.
Eukaryotic Virtual Reality - The Emergent Art of Artificial Life
Published in ISEA Conference proceedings.
(read the paper from
Disney Meets Darwin - The Evolution of Funny Animated Figures
Published in Computer Animation '95 Proceedings, IEEE
Explorations in the Emergence of Morphology and Locomotion Behavior in Animated Characters
Published in: Artificial Life IV Proceedings, MIT Press.
Disney Meets Darwin - An Evolution-based Interface for Exploration and Design of Expressive Animated Behavior
(MIT Media Lab Master's Thesis). MIT Press.
Creatures of the Complex Plane
IRIS Universe, Summer 1988, pages 12-14