An Archive of Old Artworks by JJ Ventrella

Some of these examples are from the teen-age years.
Also included are images from the early-computer graphics years,
incorporating computer-generated imagery with traditional media.

Artwork from the teen-age years

Teen age years

Four Collages - 1990 (photocopied computer images with mixed media)

collage 1 collage 2 collage 3 collage 4

Other works incorporating computer-generated imagery

Bird Mouse Fractal Glowing Fractal Fractal and Log Lion Fractal Space Alien Fractal

Trippy Drawings

Stellated Dodec/Mandie Eye trippy 2 trippy 1 trippy 3 trippy 5 trippy 4 Bug Mandie

Polyhedral Sculptures
polyhedron cuboctahedron polyhedron string surface dodecabox small rhombicuboctahedron small sculpture

Other 3D Art
color sphere splat detail of splat teapot cubist cup
hand sugar bowl heads Gut Guy

Le Cabon


Paintings and Drawings

painting etching carving drawing carving drawing

color study painting illusion1 map illusion2 Auto Claus

night photo silk screen Phallic Image still life still life close up

drawing drawing drawing Kathy Nude Jeff in tub