A series of mathematically-generated art prints by Jeffrey Ventrella

Sew (limited-edition 25"x25" prints @ Lori Austin Gallery)

Subjective conscious experiences are called "qualia". Qualia are private, ineffable, and impossible to fully-describe to anyone outside one's own mind. Research using brain imaging reveals fractal patterns associated with states of consciousness. I am curious why such patterns arise in a self-aware brain.

There are many factors that determine the unique feeling of being alive from moment to moment. Likewise, there are many factors that go into generating the individual images in this series, and no two images are the same. Even though I have crafted the parameters as part of the algorithm, the emergent variation of form and color that arise from their chaotic fusion are difficult to describe or understand. This is my goal. Resemblance to brains and Aboriginal art is not accidental.

High-resolution artwork available for purchase as paper, canvas, or metal prints. For inquiries, contact: jeffrey@ventrella.com

Electric Water (limited-edition 25"x25" - Lori Austin Gallery)
Chakra Tree


The Qualia series came about as part of a collaboration with Canton Becker, originally developed as a collection of 200 one-of-a-kind generative NFT's on fxhash

Simple Sprout

sky tree
fire pit sentient night


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