(Sexual Swimmers)

8 Future Work

The inclusion of an organism's articulated motion dynamics in a spatial evolutionary model suggests the possibility of more emergent complexity and realism in artificial life simulations. This could be achieved to a greater extent than shown here by combining the impressive results of creatures evolved "a la Sims", within "Yaeger worlds", to generate virtual ecosystems in which complex emergent behavior can be witnessed on many scales, from the global interactions of species populations down to the wiggling of a tail. A more open-ended genotype representation, such as accomplished with genetic programming, would allow much more novelty to emerge within the swimmer world.

Also, sexual selection could be extended to include preferences for qualities of motion and morphology. Observing the tradeoffs and compromises between "sexiness" and efficient swimming could make for an interesting study.

A strong motivation in this project is to help bring the knowledge and excitement of this type of work into the realm of non-specialists, through instructional and inspirational interactive media. Future development in this regard is in the works.

9 Conclusion

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